Hey there, beauty. I'm Valerie.

You might know me as the Brand Witch ;)

I’ve made a name for myself in the online space helping soul-led entrepreneurs unleash their voice on the internet, send shock waves through social media & attract soul-sister clients like never before. 

My approach to branding and business combines the practical (I have 15+ years experience as a branding consultant for some of the biggest corporations in the country).....with the mystical (I'm a psychic and I'm obsessed with using astrology and tarot in my branding work.) 

If this sounds like your vibe, keep on reading to learn a little more about my journey and why I can't wait to work with you. XOXO

It's true...for years I was terrified of being viewed as too much, or of showing my witchy, freaky deeky side online.

No matter what, it was impossible NOT care what others thought.

The idea of being 100% ME felt soooo unsafe that I constantly censored myself, watered-down my opinions, posted the most blah, vanilla content...and then I'D HATE MYSELF FOR IT.

I was a scared little potato online, terrified of being seen as anything other than "professional"...

not that long ago....

I also decided to make some simple, but serious changes. I  hired a high-ticket coach & joined a mastermind. I committed to showing up in uncomfortable ways, & doing everything my brain was telling me was "too much."  I decided to be 100% me, online and off.

The payoff of getting this honest & uncomfortable was beyond anything I could've imagined... 


The year I turned 40, I decided life was too short to not live it on my terms, & so I started flashing my titties (and telling my truth) all over the interwebs. 

but then, everything changed....

work with val

I fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving to Paris (and more recently, San Diego!)

I have scaled my business 200% in 18 months

Consistently have 300+ soulmate clients attend my webinars and events

I have served 2,000+ women through my coaching containers

My podcast was named one of the "top 9 for female entrepreneurs" by Inc.com

And the best part? This is 1000% available to you, too. (And so much more!) Helping you achieve ICON LEVEL online fame and create a soul-aligned business beyond your wildest dreams is what my work is all about.

a few highlights...

My amazing mama, who died way too young, was as magical as they come. But, she was also convinced that if anyone discovered her mystical, spiritual ways, her and her family would be seriously judged. Excommunicated. Misunderstood. 

Religion taught her this.

Our mostly all-white neighborhood taught her this.

Her family taught her this. 

So, she kept her tarot cards and crystals and runes hidden deep in the back of the closet (where I'd often sneak a peek.)  

And for years, I followed in her footsteps. I'd show up to my job with crystals in my bra and a deep, deeeeeep conviction that if anyone ever found out, I'd be done for.

This "hiding" myself got so bad that I entered my 30's feeling misaligned in most areas of my life. I was censoring my truth everywhere it mattered, convinced that only certain parts of me were safe to show.

I didn't think it was that big of a deal, when in fact by denying my gifts, I was denying the work God wanted me to do. 

Maybe you can you relate?

It was out of this fear...and the desire to dissolve THE FUCK OUT OF IT (for myself and others), that my business, Brand Witch Studios, in all of its magical glory, was born. 

The special meaning behind "Brand Witch"

work with val


Welcome to the podcast for spiritual women & entrepreneurs ready to embrace Tit's Out Confidence in their business, social media, & life. Get ready for binge-worthy episodes covering branding, business, mindset, astrology, and more. 

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